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Dr. Ashish Kakar,
BDS, M.Sc (UK), FICOI (USA), Diplomate International Congress Of Oral Implantologists (USA), Dental Implants, Cosmetic Dentistry Crown & Bridge, Senior Consultant, Indraprastha ApolloHospital



Clinic Address:
H-8, Masjid Moth, GK-II,
New Delhi-110048. India. Tel.+91 11 29220046. +91 11 29212024


























NobelProcera™ Crown Alumina

  • low fracture rate - means minimal chipping as with PFM
  • alumina for the most outstanding light transmission in the esthetic zone
  • optimal all-ceramic strength with excellent esthetics
  • 0.6 mm thickness for general usage in any position
  • 0.4 mm thickness for superior esthetics with unsurpassed translucency
  • Available in two colors for alumina: Translucent or White
  • long term clinical success data (>15 years)
  • radiolucency for marginal fit check


Case 1 Using Nobel Procera Alumina Technology  

Old fractured chipped crowns
Replaced with Procera Alumina Crowns

NobelProcera™ Crown Zirconia

  • all–ceramic strength
  • zirconia for the higher load situations, extremely high flexural strength, 1200 MPa
  • 0.7 mm thickness for use in all indications
  • 0.4 mm thickness for the esthetic zone
  • superior zirconia strength and esthetics
  • available in 4 different shades
Case 2 Using Nobel Procera Zirconia Technology  
Before - chipped front teeth
After - Procera Zirconia Crowns
Case 3 Using Metal Free Ceramic Technology  
Chipped & Rotated Discoloured Front Teeth
Four Metal Free Crowns cemented to correct alignment color, form and aesthetics

NobelProcera™ Bridge Colored Zirconia

Now up to 14 units

  • NobelProcera™ Zirconia extreme strength, 1200 MPa
  • excellent marginal fi t along full length of bridge
  • available for bridge designs in full arch up to 14units (within a 30mm height × 60mm diameter disc)
  • highly biocompatible material
  • indicated for all positions within the mouth
  • no dimensional change during firing.
  • new unique coloring technique (no dipping involved) for optimal homogeneity – no color variations
  • available in four colors

requires a minimum of 6mm2 connector between units


NobelProcera™ Bridge Alumina

  • strong material 700 MPa
  • first and only densely sintered alumina bridge on the market
  • densely sintering provides ultimate strength
  • unsurpassed light transmission for the best esthetic results
  • designed for the anterior region, premolar to premolar
  • suitable for conventional cementation, saving valuable chair time
  • available in 2–4 unit bridges

requires a minimum of 6mm2 connector between units

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